Example Homes/Gallery

A big part of the fun of building your new home is being able to personalize it for you and your family. Zach Evans Construction lets you choose all the details that make your new house truly a home from the day you move in. Take a look at some of our past designs and features to help you decide what you want. At ZEC, we take pride in having some of the latest features and designs that we acquire through diligence and inspiration. We love clean lines and minimalistic features that don’t get in the way or distract from your day to day life in a ZEC home. Our imagination is what makes us unique, and now its time to let your imagination run wild. Take some time, and look through some of our past homes and tell us what you like, and let your imagination take over. Or bring us your plan, and we will build it.  Click on the photos below to be taken to a page showing photos of each of those areas.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.